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natural fat blocker

Happy Ied mubarok to all my moslem brothers n sister. For us who lives in Indonesia, as bigest moslem population country in the world, Idul Fitri is a big holiday. And its also big eating day! we have our typical dishes from all over the islands and cultures. One thing in common, most of those food have lots of spices, meat, fat and coconut milk .

sambal goreng hati




its a bad thing for people who has problems with overweight, cardiovascular disease, diabetes,hypercholesterolemia and high lipid problem.

u know there are natural fat blocker for those bad bad bad food (only bad for health,not for taste bud ), its call fiber!

Fibers divided in two type by its solubility; soluble (oats, legumes, apples, strawberries, carrots, whole wheat,etc) and nonsoluble (papaya, pineaples, tomatoes,dark green leavy vegetables,etc).

soluble fibers resulting in decreased nutrient absorbtion; binding other nutrients such as fat, cholesterol and minerals and nonsoluble fibers increase the fecal volume (bulk) and increase frequency of defecation / prevent constipation. for diebetes, fibers can decrease Glicemic Index of food. so your blood glucose level will not hit like a rocket after you eat.

here are some tricks to lessen the bad effect of those yummy delicioso dishes.

  • eat with steamed green leavy vegetables (lalapan)
  • have fruits before and after you eat (give u the feeling of full and the fibers will bond the fat)
  • have nonsoluble fiber juice with plain yoghurt at night to prevent constipation

happy holiday guys..! treat youself, coz you body is a wonderland.


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