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hate flu?nutrient can help!

My friend is having a fever and a bad flu, but she needs to be fit for her job as a photographer tomorrow! i said..rest, water, meds, tomato soup and..lots of love! But she dont like tomatoes.. (and other vegs ??).
i was thinking..hmm..there are others of nutrient can help her better.
Basically there’s no specific treatment for influenza other than to treat its symptoms and try to prevent complications. its a self limiting disease. But hey! who wants to keep a disease! nutrient may helpful.
Ok..here are the details :
1. Vitamins B complex helps metabolize calories.
2.vitamin A and C is needed during infections to increase your immune system and for the health of the lining of the throat.
vitamin C stimulates the production of interferon, its a virus killer!
3. Zinc will aid antibody production.
4. Iron also for immune system.

Diet should include variety of food and high in nutrition. Refined grains and sugars, fast foods and fried food is a NO NO if u wanna win the battle.
Garlic r not just for vampires! raw garlic and onion helps because it increase your metabolism and has antiinflamatory effect. raw onion and garlic has more benefit than cooked.
Blueberries and other berries fight viral infection and high in natural form of aspirin; blueberries are the best among other berries.
carrots are high in vitamin A, which support immune function. Add milk or a spoon of olive oil to your fresh carrot juice.vitamin A is a fat soluble vitamins so need fat to make it work. why olive oil? because its a source of MUFA (mono unsaturated fatty acid). Believe me! its not as bad as it sound “olive oil and carrot juice”.u never know if u never try, right?
chili peppers are ease breathing due to congestion and plentiful source of natural aspirin. (i love spicy food!).
cranberries, pineapple, rice, soybeans (me likey tempe bacem and rawit), strawberries,oolong tea and green tea all have flu fighting chemical in them.
if u have fever along with your influenza you need additional calories to be taken in several small meals. i reccomend 5 meals in day with small portion. you have breakfast (1),lunch (2) and dinner (3). Have two or three portions of fruit or fresh fruit juice or carrot soup or tomato cream soup (4,5).There you go..you eat 5 times in a day.
You also need additional protein intake for the repair of your tissues destroyed by fever. Eggs (not the yolk), fish, chicken, beef, soya beans or milk, peanut, legumes are options.
Smoking, caffeine and alcohol should be avoided.
Rest and be positive is a must! stress responsible in part for destroying the immune system’s ability to fight colds and flu.

Hopefully she will be able to do her shot tomorrow and make amazing pictures..as she always do..

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  1. December 5, 2009 at 6:07 pm

    Aww, it’s all about me! As it always should be. Haha! Thanks for all the great info. At least I can put some of them to the test, minus the tomato soup. I do eat tomato in my hamburgers and tacos but, you said no fast food while I’m sick. BOO!

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